Slides / Policy Briefs / Zines


  • Neighbourhood Planning and Housebuilding‘, Mick Duggan, DCLG slides are available here
  • We need to talk about NIMBYs – Evidence of opposition to housing developments‘, Peter Matthews, University of Stirling slides are available here
  • Housing supply and suppliers: the microeconomics of housing development‘, Chris Leishman, Heriott-Watt University slides are available here
  • Behavioural Interventions and the Housing Supply Problem‘, Craig Watkins, University of Sheffield slides are available here
  • Legal Scales of Housebuilding‘, Antonia Layard, University of Bristol slides are available here
  • Tackling the housing supply crisis in London‘, Kath Scanlon, London School of Economics slides are available here


  • ‘Opportunities and Obstacles: From Vision to Reality in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan in London’, Nick Bailey, University of Westminster slides are available here
  • ‘Challenging Austerity through Neighbourhood Planning’, Andy Inch, Lee Crookes and Tom Shore, University of Sheffield slides are available here
  • ‘Who learns? Who teaches? A review of Universities and neighbourhood groups working together’, Elena Besussi, UCL, slides are available here
  • ‘Reinvigorating the public interest? Coproducing planning’, Yasminah Beebeejaun, UCL, presentation notes to be uploaded shortly


  • ‘Co-producing knowledge with communities in crisis: insights from a cultural animation project’, Prof Mihaela Kelemen, Keele University & Julianna Skarżyńska, New Vic Theatre, slides available shortly
  • As part of the day’s events, two zines were produced as a quick and tangible means of juxtaposing the different ideas relating to neighbourhood working. These can be download from here and here.




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