This ESRC seminar series has six seminars across the UK, in government departments, neighbourhood venues as well as university departments. These are:

Seminar 1 – ‘Neighbourhoods and Housing Supply’ – DCLG, London, 13th March 2015

Seminar 2 – ‘Inclusive Co-­Production: Can it be done?’ – Somers Town Community Association, London, July 2015

Seminar 3 – ‘Ways of Knowing’ – St Mary’s Church, Sheffield, 1st October 2015

Seminar 4 – ‘Community Housing (CLTs) and Community Assets’ – Bristol, 22nd April 2016

Seminar 5 – ‘Governance and Self-­Governance’ – Newcastle, March 2016

Seminar 6 – ‘Prospects for Neighbourhood Ways of Working’ – London, Summer 2016

We will be announcing the programme and summary/abstracts of each presentation closer to each event. The first of which is available to view by clicking above or following the drop-down menu.


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